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Where can I download Sky Salon App?

Currently, it is available in Poynt and Clover app stores with integrated payments on those platforms. It is also available on the Google Play Store so that you can manage most aspects of your business via your phone. The Google Play Store version does not take payments.


Poynt App Store Note
By design, the Poynt App Store only shows apps that match your Business’s MCC code. Sky Salon app is visible in your app store if your Business’s MCC code is one of salon/beauty/dental/chiropractors. Here is the complete list:

0742 –  Veterinary Services
7221 –  Photographic Studios
7230 –  Barber and Beauty Shops
7297 –  Massage Parlors
7298 –  Health and Beauty Shops
7299 –  Miscellaneous Personal Services ( not elsewhere classifies)
8011 –  Doctors and Physicians (Not Elsewhere Classified)
8041 –  Chiropractors
0742 –  Veterinary Services
8021 –  Dentists and Orthodontists

What is the pricing?

It depends on the app store and region (US vs EU).In Clover App Store, US $39.99* for TEAM plan US $79.99* for ENTERPRISE plan For Clover Canada, the prices are: C$ 49.99* for TEAM plan C$ 84.99* for ENTERPRISE plan prices subject to change. Check the exact pricing in the App Store where available. In many app stores, the app may have a FREE 15 to 30 day trial period.

Does it support Cash Discount?

Yes, it supports Cash Discount at the time of payment. Please note surcharge+cash discount is supported by the app, however this is currently (2018) not allowed by Processing Network Rules.

Does it support adding a surcharge?

Yes. However, note that surcharging is illegal in some states. Please check with your state/local/federal/central authorities before turning it on. In addition, some processors disable surcharging. So the app will not show surcharging option for such processors. As of 2018, Elavon & First Data (Clover) does not allow surcharging apps in the US or Canada.

How does the app address Visa's October 2018 bulletin regarding ``cash discount`` programs?

Visa’s October 2018 bulletin clarified applying a surcharge and offering a cash discount is non-compliant with Visa Rules. Offering only one is in compliance provided other signage requirements are followed. Visa’s discount offer rule (ID#: 0008590 & Section Discount Offer – US Region) allows Merchants to offer a discount. However, the discount must be on advertised price. Therefore, applying a surcharge and offering a cash discount is not compliant with Visa Rules. SkySalon App allows merchants to set surcharge only or cash discount only to remain in compliance with these rules.

Does it do inventory management?

Yes it manages inventory with stock receives and various reports. Inventory Management requires Enterprise plans. At lower end plans App has features to allow you to sell retail products with ease.

Does it support Walkin Customers?

Yes. Walk in customers also need to be assigned a service provider (for tracking payments).

Does Sky Salon App support taxes on services and products?

Yes. You can set the tax rates to be applicable on services or products or both. For countries or areas that need multiples taxes like VAT/GST, even that rate can be set in the app.

Other Questions

I have many products and services, how do I bulk transfer them to Sky Salon App?

Currently, bulk transfer is supported by opening a support ticket with their products and services in an Excel sheet. In the very near future, we will allow customers to self serve and directly upload their data using a web page based process.

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