Service Tailored for Clients with Busy Schedules

Satisfy even the busiest clients with the Sky Salon Scheduler. Sky Salon App manages your business’ appointment management and products. Complete customer satisfaction is as easy as clicking a few buttons.

Boost Customer-Connection

This innovative salon management app allows you to manage and organize salon appointments, provide access to your products and categorize and manage services, all on one platform.

Simply add or delete products as necessary, and maintain a grasp on inventory to ensure customer demands are met.

Supercharge Appointment and Scheduling Processes

Setting up appointments is a breeze – Sky Salon allows each employee to set up their personal availability within the app, eliminating appointment miscommunications and reducing cancellations and no-shows. Your team will ALWAYS be in the loop.

Give your client their new-do in no-time. Each time an appointment booking is needed, simply select the time and date and let Sky Salon Scheduler suggest the first-available stylist.

Start Taking Appointments With Ease


Sky Salon Scheduler App is designed to make it easy to take and manage appointments. 

Let Sky Salon Scheduler mold your salon environment into an effective, innovative and responsive powerhouse.

Offer Retail Products with Your Services


Increase your revenue by offering professional products with your services all in the same app.

Increase customer retention by sending them away with an appointment booked!

Multiple Merchant Accounts Made Easy


With Multi MID feature in app, payment goes directly to the service provider on the booking.

On Poynt, the Multi MID feature ends of confusing payment reports, user switching and selection.

User Friendly, Focused on Delivering Results


Sky Salon Scheduler makes advanced tasks simple and straightforward.

With easy installation and initial set up, your business will reap improvements and run seamlessly in no-time.

Support Booth Renters on Same App


Keep your business full by easily allowing booth renters to use the app, yet keep your customer data and theirs separate.

Your salon looks professional without need to maintain separate appointment books!

Cash Discounts and Surcharging


Get 0% effective card processing costs by setting credit card surcharge and cash discount

Where applicable, you can turn on surcharging to offset your card processing fees. Works with a wide range of processors!

Splash Screen
Sign In Screen - Use Password or PIN
Dashboard of the Owner
Create a new Appointment
Create a new Select Time
Booking Saved and Confirmed
Availability Setup
Tax Setup
Setting in Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)
Booking detail in Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)